Agnes Scott College - Alumnae Weekend

Class of 1960

Dear Fellow Classmates,

We must admit to being elderly now. A few years ago when I saw the headline “Elderly Woman Hikes the Appalachian Trail,” and learned that she was in her 70s, I protested, “That’s not elderly!” Unless you skipped a couple of grades, you are now at least 80 years old and elderly.

Our years at Agnes Scott would sound positively Victorian to young people today, if any one of them were interested in listening. Early on, we could only date if we went on a double date accompanied by an Agnes Scott upperclassman. We were forbidden to wear pedal pushers while at the front of the campus.

We were sweet and naïve. We were all trying to do our best in schoolwork and behave ourselves. We were informed of the deadliest of all deadly sins — the Secret Marriage. I never understood, even then, what was so sinful about it — having perfectly legal sex when the college administration did not know about it?

I’ll repeat the part about being sweet. At a reunion, a bunch of us ran into Mrs. Drucker, the beloved expert on so many personal issues. At that reunion, she declared that members of our class were wonderful, so much easier to deal with than the baby boomers, feistier students who came later.

I love class reunions where I get to talk in-depth to classmates whom I really didn’t know that well. And it’s still true that we may be sweet, but we are no longer naïve. We have learned a heck of a lot about ourselves and the world around us in 59 years.

Our 60th reunion is coming up next spring. Please save the dates: April 1719, 2020. I’d like to send a special invitation to those who left before graduation to transfer or get married. We’ve missed you and would love to see you again. Remember also, when asked for gifts to the college, that our percentage of donations is more important than the amount. Do consider giving something.

For those of you who are not hiking the Appalachian Trail these days, be assured that during the reunion, students will be driving a multitude of golf carts for us all over campus. No hiking up all those stairs at the dining hall; there is an elevator at the ground-floor level.

Love to all,

Eve Purdom Ingle
Interim Class President