Agnes Scott College - Alumnae Weekend

Class of 2000

It’s time to get the band back together to see how we’re rocking.

Maybe you’ve thrived, maybe you’ve survived, maybe you traveled the world, maybe you moved across town. Don’t you want to see your old friends, your lifelong friends? Don’t you want to hear their stories, tell some of your own? Don’t you want to see how good fierceness and life and experience look on your friends? And, don’t you want to laugh in the way that only great, old friends can?

And when I say “see them,” I mean in person, with a hug, sharing a moment. We can scroll all we want on social media (secretly thanking God that it didn’t exist in 1996‒2000), but we can’t really see the measure of these women we’ve known for so long in just a post, a filtered picture. I’m talking about the ability to look each other in the eye and share a smile.

And what a better place to look at each other than in the Bradley Observatory. That’s where we’ll gather to eat, drink, laugh, hug, listen and look at the stars for our class party. Kareisha Henry Allison and the Reunion Committee have a wonderful 20th reunion planned. Save the date on your calendar — April 1719, 2020. There will be a full weekend of activities with plenty of opportunities to see friends, stroll the campus and speak with newly inaugurated President Zak. Get your Blues Brothers shades ready because this one is going to be epic.

Looking forward to looking back…all while Looking Good! See you in 2020!

Hillary Wiggins Edgar ’00